Tyketto & Little Caesar
17th September 2024 - 7:00 pm
Riverside Newcastle
Age Restrictions: 14+

Melodic Rockers, Tyketto, creators of the ultimate rock anthem of a generation, Forever Young, have always believed that bands and fans are stronger together. Indeed, their 1994 sophomore album, Strength In Numbers, and the unwavering loyalty of their fans, has kept the Tyketto flame burning in everyone’s hearts right up to the present day.

Now, as Strength In Numbers, the album, and the mantra, reaches its 30th year, Tyketto show no signs of slowing down, and have announced an extensive tour of the UK, with long-time friends, Little Caesar

“Announcing a tour is always a very exciting time for a band,” says Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn. “but when you’re able to make it happen with one of your most favourite ever bands, well that’s something very special indeed.”

Little Caesar’s Ron Young agrees. Little Caesar is so excited to be back in the UK for the first time since the pandemic. And to get to get to do that in such great venues with our good mates in Tyketto makes the wait all the more worthwhile. We’ll see you there!”

Danny Vaughn continues, “Like Tyketto, Little Caesar is a band that exists solely because of the intensity, love, and dedication of the fans. So, 2 bands sharing one stage, each playing straight up rock n roll, and leaving it all on the stage. I tell you, it’s a complete SHOW OF STRENGTH, and I could not be happier at the thought of seeing a horde of you out there every single night.”


Riverside Newcastle Neptune House
1 Close
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RQ